The Galloway cattle breed

It originates from the southwest of Scotland, one of the oldest and purest British breeds.

These are hill cattle, adapted to live in very difficult environmental conditions such as wind, cold, fibrous meadows, and sparse pastures: this has resulted in the meat having a high protein content, minerals, and antioxidants, and a low rate of cholesterol and saturated fats, with an excellent omega 6:3 ratio.

Since it has never been bred to become work animals, this breed is distinguished by the very high quality of its meat: so tender, succulent, and rich in aroma.

Galloway meat has a very intense red color, with light but noticeable marbling of fat that significantly enhances the goodness after cooking and enhances the flavor.

Within our estate, we also lovingly raise several Saanen goats and companion donkeys.

The Galloway cattle breed
The Giant Blueberry

We organically cultivate about two hundred plants of American giant blueberries:

We chose this variety because, in addition to having a sweeter taste and larger fruits, we were amazed by its health properties.

Besides various vitamins, this fruit contains anthocyanins: powerful antioxidant and capillarotropic substances (they improve the resistance and functionality of capillary vessels), making this small fruit a boon for the physique and the cardiovascular system.

They are phenomenal fruits that we use for our compotes, for filling cakes and tarts, in the preparation of risottos, or as a pairing with particular types of cheeses.

Vegetable Gardens and Greenhouse

The gardens and crops are the added value of our farm, used 12 months a year, they provide our kitchen with a broad harvest different for each season.

The over 120 square meters of greenhouse allow us to improve both the quality and duration of our productions.

No use of fertilizers and pesticides, just the hard work of our family to bring the genuineness of the product to your table.

Better a Hen Tomorrow

Referring to the famous saying, 'Is it better to have an egg today or a hen tomorrow?' we made the best decision many years ago.

We use our organic eggs in the kitchen for some preparations, and they are occasionally available at our sales point.